Monday, December 17, 2012

More Evan Follow-Up

A hallway in the Peace Corps office after cyclone Evan. 

I got great news this morning.  My Samoan brother contacted me via Facebook to let me know that my family and village are ok after the storm.

I also heard from some of the new group of Pisi Koa that they are ok but in limbo - they were supposed to be sworn in last week as Peace Corps Volunteers but that was delayed because of the storm.  They're training is finished but they're still officially Peace Corps Trainees.  I imagine they must be a tad frustrated and anxious to get sworn in and move to their new villages.

My friend Kyle wrote an excellent report of the damage by the storm and posted it on the Samoan Youth Empowerment Initiative, along with photos of the damage.  

The loss of life in the storm is tragic but I saw first hand how quickly the land can come back from what seems to be devastation.  In the short term, basic food will be in short supply but long term the country will return to the tropical paradise it was.

Life is going on in Samoa.  Clean up is underway.  I have no doubt that this tragedy will create even stronger bonds in this close knit country.  My heart is with them as they recover.

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