Monday, December 17, 2012

Savai'i Photos

Here are some photos of beautiful Savai'i.  If you're thinking of taking a vacation to Samoa but are worried about the impact of Cyclone Evan, come on over.  I've heard from family on the island that Savai'i was not damaged and is open for business.  The best way you can help the country recover is to plan your next vacation in this tropical paradise.

If you want to see me do the siva Samoa, you'll have to come to Florida. I left this puletasi behind but still have one to wear here.

Beautiful Upolu.  This was before Evan.

Main road on Upolu.  Also pre-Evan.

Taro and koko Samoa for sale by in my village in Savaii.  

We were barbecuing chicken behind the school.  These kids were bringing the firewood.

One of my favorite things I did just before I left was to attend the pre-school graduation ceremony. After the dancing and gift-giving, the kids chowed down.

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