Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I was just sitting on this very comfortable couch, watching Top Chef Seattle, relaxing and feeling very blessed. My mind wandered to the packing I need to do tomorrow in preparation for heading to Boston for Christmas. Suddenly, I sat up straight and had a "holy crap!" moment when I realized that I probably needed to wear something other than sandals when I headed northeast. The last time my little piggies were totally enclosed was February, 2010. I'm not looking forward to having to wear something that covers them. As I've described before, I have foot issues. My index toes cross over my toe "thumbs". It's a combination of bunions and hammer toes, caused by years of wearing very high heels and genetics. They don't hurt and kids find them very entertaining. Doctors have recommended that I leave them alone, since the surgery to repair them is both painful and can have complications. When I wear sandals, my feet are no problem. But regular shoes are a pain in the ...feet. I have to wear what I call toe condoms (rubber covers) over my index toes to cushion them from rubbing against shoes. I bought new shoes when I got home, knowing this was coming. But I haven't worn them because I didn't have to. It's been about 80 degrees and beautiful since I got home and sandals have been perfect. Now, I'll have to wear "real" shoes. Crap. Wish me luck.

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  1. Haha... crack up. My brother ONLY wears jandals from Samoa. Ones sold in the shops in NZ are for narrower feet hehe. Cheers Nancy!