Thursday, January 3, 2013


I've lost my grill skills!  I was a grill master before I left for Samoa.  Not for crowds or for contests, but I grilled for myself almost every night and could put out an amazing chicken or pork or beef or fish grilled dish.

I bought a new grill this week.  Thanks to Home Depot for giving me a grill at twice the value I asked for because they didn't have the one I wanted in stock.

Last night, I grilled a pork chop.  I brought it in and had to take it back out.  Too rare.  What?

Tonight, I'm grilling a boneless chicken thigh.  I'm struggling to figure out the timing with the timing of the side dishes (ranch style beans, salad and baked onion).

Part of it is the new grill, which is the fanciest I've ever owned.  Part is due to the lack of grilling for the last couple of years.

One thing I learned in New Zealand is that grilling is not just for dinner.  In Tokeroa I learned that you can grill bacon just as easily as steak.

My timing may be a bit rusty but I expect to be back to maven level soon.

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