Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've never been the queen of technology.  I can use a computer for more than internet and email and have been my own help department on computer issues for years.  Not cutting edge but I get by.

But telephone and tablet technology passed me by over the past two years.  I've been working on catching up.  I know now that an Android was not a character in Star Wars.  I'm up on the basics but the application still sometimes fails me.

Like today, for example.  I talked to a young (high school age) woman who responded to my add on to give away all the packing boxes I used.  As I started to give her directions to my house , she asked me to just give her my address and she could use the GPS on her phone.  Duh.  The duh was implied on her part.

How things have changed.  I don't know any of my best friends' phone numbers because I just depend on my phone.  Basic math is a challenge because I've used a calculator for years.  As bad as I am, I had to laugh when I was at dinner a few years ago with some very smart friends who whipped out their phones to calculate a 20% tip on a $100 meal.

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