Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Safari Photos

Inside our "tent".  Most luxurious tent, ever!

Thatched roof on our tent.

One of the widest/smoothest roads we experienced.

You lookin' at me?

The first of dozens of baboons that I saw.  This one is sitting on the limb in the middle of the photo.

Can you see the elephants?  We couldn't either.  

Hippo tracks

After a couple of hours of sighting game, we stopped by the river for cocktails. After sunset we headed back out to spot game by spotlight, after dark.

The bar is open!  In addition to drinks, tasty mini pizzas were provided.

Sunset, safari and gin and tonic.  Ahhhh.

Aminat was enjoying it too!

Magnificent Malawi.

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  1. Fantastic photo's Nancy and looks like you are having a blast. That tent, now that's my kind of camping!!!