Saturday, March 23, 2013

Veg Delight

I'm a carnivore.  I like meat.  I enjoy vegetables too, but mostly, I prefer meat.

Imagine my surprise to discover my new favorite restaurant in Blantyre is a vegetarian restaurant.  It is called Veg Delight, is in the heart of the CBD and is reasonably priced.  Most important, the food is amazing.

I read some positive reviews but heard from a co-worker that the food seemed "iffy" when she visited.  I think, from what she described, she was thinking of a different place.

Veg Delight isn't fast.  Orders are made as you place them.  And,  everything on the menu may not be available.  No worries, just go with what the owners recommend.  I promise, it will be outstanding.

Our first visit to the small place was for take away.  It took a bit longer than we expected, but the owner suggested that if we hadn't been there before, we should have the specialty of the house while we waited for our order.  We agreed and a few minutes later he brought out the most amazing dish.  It is hard to describe.  There was a crispy round shell, stuffed with peanuts and vegetables, all topped with a sweet/savory sauce.  It was amazing.

When we got back to work and tasted our mains, we were equally as happy.  Fresh, delicious and cuisine rather than fast food.  For the price of American fast food.

We liked it so much we ordered food for lunch the next day.  This time, we called ahead to save some time. Unfortunately,  the one picking up the food didn't have enough money.  "No problem." said the owner.  "Consider it a discount."

The second meal was equally delicious.  Today, day 3, we headed back to Veg Delight for take away to be eaten later this weekend.

The owner's wife was helping us and when I told her I just wanted whatever she thought I might like, she explained that she'd made a special curry that day.  One that she usually only makes at home.  She yelled something to the staff and the next thing I knew, there was a sample of this curry.  Perfect.

I can't type anymore because I'm about to reheat the curry that this woman made today.  Vegetarian.  Delicious.  Inexpensive.

I love Malawi.

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