Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Safari Continues

After cocktails, we headed out again to spot more game.  This time, with the help of a spotlight.  The most exciting, to me, was seeing three hippos who'd come into the park from the river for the night.  We went back to camp for a quick wash up, then rode off the the sister facility, Mzuu Camp, where we joined the guests there for a barbecue and traditional music and dancing.

Have I mentioned it was hot and humid at Liwonde?  Much warmer/more humid than Blantyre and reminded me of Samoa.  I had my trusty ili (Samoan fan) with me and I made friends by lending it out.

After the dinner and entertainment, we headed back to the lodge for an early evening.  Our wake up call was at 5:30 a.m. (when a hamper filled with cookies and coffee was delivered to our tent) and the next safari started at 6:00 a.m.

Sunday morning, 6:05 a.m.  There were hundreds of impala.  Here are a few.

These are a type of goose.  According to Maxwell, our game guy, they taste like chicken.

In the center  - a baboon dining on a piece of candelabra tree.

Another baboon in the tree.

These guys were play fighting - getting ready for mating season when they'll fight for real over the females.

Fresh elephant dung.  We knew they were there.  We just couldn't see them.

I loved the candelabra trees.

After the morning driving safari, we enjoyed breakfast and headed out by boat.  We passed these fishermen in front of their village, near the edge of the park.

We were headed to this huge baobab tree.

When I said huge, I wasn't kidding.  Look closely, I'm standing near the left of the base of the tree.  I'm almost six feet tall.

Perhaps the bicycle will give a bit of perspective on size.  This is actually two trees.  A fig tree has grown around the baobab.  It seems to be working well for both of them.

One of the cool things about baobabs is that their trunks are hollow.  This isn't a Keebler elf, it's Aminat in a tree.

Aminat and Rocky decided to climb up the inside of the tree and pose.

Uh oh.  Now that I'm up here, how do I get down?

What the heck is that?  A hippo butt.

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