Monday, May 27, 2013


I've been home a couple of days now.  Yesterday, local friends came by to celebrate the holiday and meet my Peace Corps friends, Kyle and Chelsea.  Thanks to jet lag, I was pooped but it was a very casual affair and it was great to see everyone.

Here are some photos as we ate and relaxed by the pool.

My Samoan ava bowl, filled with apples.

Chelsea, Florida Mary Lou and Mike, who appears to be preparing to leap into the pool.

Tom, Tina and Rex. We started with hummus, spinanach dip and chips.  I grilled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs.  Friends brought salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, brownies and caramel candies.  It was delicious!

Kyle and Chelsea.  Notice that Chels is wearing a lavalava over her shorts.

There was a lot of talk about swimming but we left it at that.

Michigan Mary Lou and Ralph (aka the "mystery husband")  MML had met the other ladies but the events were women only and they were beginning to think she was lying about having a husband.  She proved them wrong.

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