Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rolling Stone

I still have so much to say about Malawi and my time there, along with photos to share.  But that will have to wait.  I left Blantyre, Malawi last Thursday.  I spent the night in Lilongwe and on Friday morning I went to the airport to start my trip that went from Lilongwe to Lusaka Zambia to Nairobi Kenya to Amsterdam Netherlands to Paris France to Yerevan Armenia.  I arrived at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday night in Yerevan just in time to see a spectacular sunset over Mt. Ararat.

After a brief visa issue, I made it through immigration and customs and emerged to see my friend Denise, waving and smiling.  It's been all smiles since.

I'll be filling in details, but for now, some photos.  As you can see, I'm loving Yerevan.

At the weekly art/crafts/rugs/food market in Yerevan I saw a woman selling something.  Had to try it.  Nuts are strung on a thin string, then dipped in a fruit syrups (cherry, strawberry, plum, tomato, etc.) until the nuts have a thick coating similar to a fruit roll up. OMG good.

Republic square

It may be a developing country but it's developing rapidly and has all the comforts a pampered pooch could ask for.

At the local market.  Sushi and a huge bowl of caviar.

My friends Otis, Denise and Irie.  Denise worked for Peace Corps in Samoa, where I met her.  Now, she's working for Peace Corps Armenia.  I love the whole family!

Dinner Sunday night was a mix of veggie salads, caviar, olives, marinated chilis and steak.

Smoked fish at the grocery store.  Huge variety of foods (and lots of cheese!) and all very inexpensive, compared to the US.

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