Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Supper in Armenia

I'm back in Florida, happy to be home, but haven't had time to post any more photos.  I arrived Friday night, May 24.  Friends from New Jersey and Michigan arrived May 25.  I hosted a barbecue yesterday (May 26).  Today, we are resting.

Here are photos of my last dinner in Armenia.  It was also my best meal there.  We dined at Caucasus restaurant on traditional food.  It was delicious.  I already miss Armenian food.  I hope you enjoy these photos at least half as much as I enjoyed the food.

These clay salt and pepper cellars are very common.  I now have one in my kitchen.  Salt is "in the belly", red and black pepper are held in the hands and toothpicks on top.

This appetizer was made of greens and ground nuts and was fabulous.  Sort of like a dry'ish spinach dip, but tastier.

We ordered bread.  It cost less than $1 for the whole basket.

My plate of first course.  The dumpling is filled with melted cheese and butter.  How can you not love that?  In the lower right was a chicken/yogurt dish that I scooped up with the wonderful bread.  On the lower left is the greens/nuts ball and bread on the upper left.

I believe I could happily live on this appetizer until I died from a heart attack.  Bread is baked with cheese, butter and an egg in the middle.  You pull off a chunk of bread from the outside and dip it in the melty goodness in the center.

Another bread/cheese/egg/butter dish - this one in thin layers.  Amazing.

Lamb kebab.  

A whole fish.  The dinner, as is typical in Armenia, was served family style.  As we kept ordering and eating I started to worry about the expense.  I shouldn't have.  Dinner came to $5 USD per person.  For an Armenian feast.

The morning I flew out dawned clear and cool.  I had a perfect view of Mt. Ararat from the airport.

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