Friday, May 31, 2013

Safaris in Central Florida

I had a great time on safari in Malawi - rhinos, Cape buffalo, impalas, baboons, etc.  But the fun didn't stop when I came home.

Friends from New Jersey and Michigan are visiting so we did a little nature gazing right here in Central Florida.  We started with Blue Spring State Park then moved on to Lake Jessup, where we took an airboat ride into the swamps, looking for 'gators.  The next day we headed to New Smyrna Beach, where we saw the sunrise, followed by sightings of a pod of dolphins and a couple of manatees, just off the dock of the restaurant where we were dining (JB's Fish Camp, one of my favorites).

First animal sighting. a dinosaur sitting on the fuse box for the pool.  I have no idea who put him there.

We stopped at Waffle House on our way to Blue Spring.  Kyle was VERY excited.

What are these people staring at?

This huge gator, sunning himself on a log.  Can you spot him?

In the winter, the manatees hang out at the spring.  This mosaic one is there year 'round.

This park is not far from my house and I drag all visitors there.  Be warned.

On the Black Hammock airboat on Lake Jessup.  We saw lots of 'gators.

An osprey nest with a momma and daddy osprey and their babies.  They mate for life, like eagles.

This big guy swam in front of us. One of the dozens we saw.

Can you spot the 'gator in the mud?

Sunrise over New Smyrna Beach.

Their first time driving on the beach.  Happily, we got rain on our drive home to help get rid of the salt on my car.

The manatees and dolphins were too fast for me.  This is a manatee tail in the Intercoastal waterway in front of JB's Fish Camp.

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