Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photos From Mandalay

I posted recently about the Indian/Myanmar Friendship Concert, which is a bit ironic since it was sponsored by the armies of the two countries.  I've posted some photos below along with photos from last night's Staff Appreciation Dinner at my school.  I'm happy to share some photos of the people I spend most of my time with.

The Indian/Myanmar Friendship concert, held at the National Theatre.  These guys, along with tv camera crews were walking around taking photos through the entire concert.

Just me, but I kind of expected the Indian Military Band to be wearing military uniforms.

At the AIS staff appreciation dinner.  That's one of my assistant teachers on the left.  She's amazing and has been an enormous help here both at school and in figuring out Myanmar.

Our emcee for the evening...and my "boyfriend".  Vila is RPCV, Mongolia and teaches high school at AIS.

There was plenty of fruit at the buffet.

Myanmar people like food on sticks.  These were different kinds of meat - marinated and grilled, along with grilled okra and potatoes.  All was delicious.  If only they'd serve food like this in the cafeteria each day instead of the stews filled with bones.

Teacher Jeff.  He's American and lived abroad most of his life.  

There was Chivas in addition to beer and wine coolers.

This is one of the two ladies who clean my apartment and do my laundry every week.  The photo of the other woman and her beautiful daughter was too blurry to use.  I really appreciate what these women do to make my life easier.

Teacher May and Teacher May Zin.  My right hand people.  Co-workers and friends.  

Me and some of the very enthusiastic (e.g., they may have been enjoying the beer a bit) guys who work at the school.  They work hard.  They carry things for me, they keep the school safe, they get rid of the occasional poisonous snake.

I got to choose the first ten lucky numbers.  Ironically, I pulled Vila's number on the first draw.  It may have looked rigged but wasn't.  He won a thermos.

The next morning - the party aftermath.  Most of the trash had been collected the night before (by the same staff who'd just been honored) but looks like someone came back after the official party ended.  The TP was used for napkins.  Typical here, even in the nicer restaurants.

We made a mess.

The back drop for the podium.  

I won a set of three pots.  I made soup last night (chicken, potato and corn in a creamy broth) and used one of my new pots.  Notice anything odd about the lid?  At first I thought they just put the lid handle on upside down but then realize they just screwed up the top.  The other two lids are fine and when I can find a phillips screw driver I'll fix this one.  Chinese quality.

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