Thursday, September 22, 2011

Even More Photos

Ok, here's the deal:  because I'm uploading with dial-up, I have to do it in a series of posts.  Sorry!  More photos from HB.

We had a nice lunch at Le Lagoto, a resort near Manase.

We were next door neighbors with over-the-rocks bungalows until high tide, when the small waves broke over the rocks under our beds.  So nice.  So relaxing.  This is at Vai Moana in Asau.  A bargain and the best food in Savaii, in my opinion.  For the fale, dinner (which included a lobster and chicken) and breakfast - about $80 USD.

Have I mentioned we have some decent beaches on Savaii?  This one is in Faleolupo.

On the west coast of Savaii are some spectacular cliffs.  This is near "lover's leap" where there's a famous legend about a daughter and mother who jumped to their death.  

Another scenic spot for lunch.  They brought us our meal while we sat at the picnic table.  You can rent the room on stilts on the beach.  Only drawback - the shared bath facilities are up the steps off the beach.  This place is in the village of Sagone.

We spent our last night in ocean front rooms at The Savaiian, a lovely resort in a village very close to mine.  Nice grounds, eh?  Our dinner there that night was sashimi, poke (raw fish with a spicy marinade) and oka (raw fish in coconut cream).  It was an extravaganza of raw fish!

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