Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Photos

Here are some more of HB's photos:

The beach across the street from my house.  I know, tough life.

Ever seen a church filled with lava?  The church was there first.  The volcano erupted in 1905.  

We saw sea turtles.  We also enjoyed the 8 year old girl who cut up a papaya to feed the turtles.  She talked non-stop in English and Samoan.  One of the few people who talks more than me.

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  1. I think my In laws are from the village when the volcano erupted they were all resettled to Leauvaa . Next trip to Samoa we will be traveling to Savaii last time we had to make it a day trip as we had a chaperone ,and my Father in law did not want us on the ferry at all ,as it would have it we had to catch the older ferry back and a family member was taking his truck back home ,and we were given the prime 2 seats in the cab the boys were left to sit on the wood stacked on the back ,my in laws need not worry about the ferry as the truck had a new set of milk create seats and every time i moved my foot i could see the road so after a while i could judge our speed .The benefits my wife gets for me being a Palagi ,prime seat in a inter Island prime mover no splinters in her butt .