Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Here are some photos HB took.  Enjoy...
We were the only ones at the blowholes.  Love 'em.

Our assembly hall is still under construction, so we had the ceremony to announce grades and say goodbye to a teacher moving to New Zealand in a classroom.  A bit crowded with teachers, kids and parents.  Notice the kids with fingers to their lips.  It's to remind them to be quiet.  Also notice the bare feet - about half the kids don't wear shoes to school.

After the ceremony, each class dances.  Parents and teachers put money into a box on the floor to show their appreciation.  The money was a gift to the departing teacher.  Since there's nothing more entertaining than a dancing palagi, I danced with every class.

After the kids and parents left we had a feast...and more dancing.  That's me dancing with Fono - the teacher moving to New Zealand.  I'm wearing one of my work puletasis.  Polyester.  You try teaching primary school in a tropical climate with no air conditioning and a floor length skirt.  BTW - I'm 5'10".

Fale, sweet fale.  I love my house, which is next door to the school.  The door in the back leads to the bathroom.

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