Saturday, September 24, 2011


So far this morning I washed my sheets in a bucket, took a bus to the market, where I bought 2 avocados and a whole tuna (for $10, USD), walked 1 1/2 miles to the store to buy bread.  Walked home to get money, then back to the store to pay what I owed since I didn't have enough money on my first visit and now I'm resting before doing my lesson plans.

As a result, I'm too pooped to write.  Instead, I hope you'll enjoy these photos...

Sunset in Asau, Savaii

There was a lot of emotion when we said goodbye to the Year 7 teacher moving to New Zealand.  I'm going to be a teary mess when it's my turn to say goodbye.

All the kids brought going away gifts.  They included cash, lava lavas (sarongs) and most often, laundry detergent and bars of soap.

These are two of the top Year 8 students - both great kids.  The girl dragged the boy onto the dance floor and got down.  The crowd loved it.  That's my buddy Meripa, Year 5 teacher, in the background.

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