Monday, June 11, 2012

Chicken, Cabbage and Carrots

What can you do with two chicken legs/thighs, a head of cabbage, a few onions and some carrots?  Since I continually whine about the lack of diverse foods here, I thought I’d share how creative I’ve become with my cooking.  Here’s what I’ve cooked and eaten in the last few days.

On Sunday, I stewed two vaimoa, or chicken legs/thighs.  To the broth I added some cabbage, carrots, onion and fresh pineapple.  It made a delicious soup for Sunday lunch.  For Sunday dinner, I headed south of the border and heated some of the cooked chicken meat in enchilada sauce (thank you, Donna!) and plated it with guacamole (canned tomatoes, local avocadoes, onion, local lime juice, jarred hot peppers from Apia), cheese and shredded cabbage.  Very tasty and sort of Mexican.

Monday brought granola cereal from New Zealand, lunch of ramen noodles and I used more of the cooked chicken to make a sort of moo shu chicken for dinner.  I stir fried cabbage, carrot and onion (seeing a theme here?), added cooked chicken and a sauce made of black bean sauce, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and rice vinegar.  It was delicious.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to make homemade flour tortillas and with them and the last of the cooked chicken will make flautas.  I’ll serve it (to myself) with homemade salsa (canned tomatoes, jarred hot peppers, local onions) and the leftover guacamole. 

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