Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cold, Squared

It has been remarkably cool and windy the last few days.  Yesterday I didn’t use my electric fan at all.  I used my hand fan a bit in the evening, but by the middle of the night was using my small down blanket.

During the day, my Samoan friends have been complaining about the cold.  I think it is a delightful respite from the normal sweltering heat.  I had dinner with some palagis the other night and we were saying the weather is the perfect temperature.  By “freezing” day time temps, we’re talking about 80 degrees.  But the Samoans are wearing hoodies and coats.

I’m enjoying the coolish weather but also have a cold, which stinks.  My mother would say I got the cold because it’s chilly at night and that’s when I take my cold showers.  I think I more likely got it from one of the hundreds of snotty nosed kids I touch on a daily basis.  I just know that taking a hot shower in cool weather when you have a cold is preferable to a cold shower.  I’m actually continuing to type this as a way of putting off the cold shower that needs to take place before I head to bed.  As much as I don’t want to do it now, it would be infinitely worse in the chilly, dark air tomorrow morning.

At least I have running water.  Some of my fellow volunteers don’t, since dry season has started.  I’ll count my blessings as I stick my head under the pipe. 

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