Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recent Photos

Finally, the stars have aligned and I can post some more recent photos...
Look carefully, this dryer hanging over the washer is upside down.  That was true for all I saw.  What's up with that?

Samoan sandal, Taranaki snow.  There was a woman from Fiji there in sandals, too.

The name of the wonderful, free museum in New Plymouth is Puke Ariki.  There is a restaurant inside.  This is the sign on the outside of the building.  Puke is not pronounced in Maori the same way we pronounce it in English, but I just don't think advertising your restaurant under a sign that says "puke" is good marketing.

The question isn't how this antique Harley got to Taranaki.  The question is "why"?

Dairy is king (queen?) in Hawera, Taranaki.  Do I look cold?  Freezing!

Daytona thinks they have a lock on beach driving.  In your face.  You can drive on the beach in Taranaki, too!

Love this photo.  Another view of Mt. Taranaki taken from Surf Highway.  The ocean is directly behind me.

Best mussels I've ever eaten in my life.  Salt restaurant in New Plymouth has great food and wonderful views.  And, a waiter from California.  Mussels in garlic cream sauce.  Heaven.

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