Sunday, April 20, 2014

I'm Smokin' Hot

Yes, it's true, I'm sexy as all get out, that's a given.  I'm referring, however, to how hot I feel because of the weather.  It is really, really hot here.

Yesterday I made a HUGE mistake.  Instead of just going into Ocean and buying my groceries and leaving, another teacher and I decided to walk a couple of blocks to the Chinese market to buy produce first.  I heard it was 108 (and humid) yesterday.  It felt more like 1,008.

I discovered how many onions you get for a dollar (about 10 pounds) and had to carry them, along with asparagus, carrots, cucumbers, spring onions and, best of all, the first mangoes of the season.

I'd planned to drop my purchases at the bus on the way to Ocean but the driver wasn't there so I dragged them another block in the sweltering heat.

Once in Ocean it felt just as hot as outside, even though I think they have air conditioning.  I smiled back at the people staring at me and started shopping but quickly realized that people were staring at me not just because I look different but because I was a bit purple.  Seems I'd had too much heat. 

I was considering the best place in the store to upchuck and then where I might sit down.  Luckily, I held all bodily fluids in, except for the sweat that was dripping off me.  I made it back to the bus in one piece and was fine once I sat down and used my Samoan ili (fan) to cool off.  It did take a cool shower and an hour under air con to stop sweating.

I will never, ever, ever again shop on the street in the middle of the afternoon during the hottest month of the year.  The mangoes are mighty tasty, though.

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