Friday, April 4, 2014

Home is...

On March 2 I flew from Bangkok to Lake Mary FL.  I was met by two great friends who brought a sign, wine and flowers.  It was great to see them and also nice to head to my home in Lake Mary where my house sitter had left things exactly as they were when I left last July.

One of my fellow AIS teachers spent her vacation SCUBA diving in the Philippines and trekking to the Everest base camp in Nepal.  I spent the month doing nothing.  She has great photos but we both had a good time.

My life sounds much more glamorous than it is.  Yes, I jetted half way around the world to Florida to vacation for a month.  While there I did what most people do every day.  I spent time with friends, going to the beach, watching tv and surfing the internet.  I went shopping.  I planned meals to indulge in the stuff I can't get in Myanmar (iceberg lettuce and zucchini were right up there with stinky cheese).  I slept a lot.  I did laundry and went for drives.  Not exactly the kind of adventures that anyone would make a reality show of.  But it was great.  Just the kind of break I needed.

I don't know if it's age that's slowing me down or if it's because I get to experience a different culture and new adventures every day in Myanmar but when I have time off now, I'm more interested in chilling than seeking out the next new thing.

I flew in to Bangkok in the middle of the night last night after traveling over 30 hours.  Rather than immediately cab it to the other airport and then wait hours for my flight to Mandalay, I opted to get a hotel near the airport and spend a couple of nights.

I woke up early this morning and am working on staying awake to try to get back on Asian time which means that while it's 3:21 p.m. right now in Bangkok, it's 3:21 a.m. in Florida and my body wants to go to sleep.

Did I take the Sky Train into the city for a little shopping and sight seeing?  No.  I watched the news and surfed the 'net.  Then I went for a walk to buy some iced tea and street food for lunch.  I also scheduled a 2 hour massage at the hotel.  It was a splurge but what the heck - $21 for a wonderful massage.

Now, I'm relaxing in air conditioned comfort with the television on and the internet humming.  I'm looking forward to hearing the stories about Nepal and the diving.  I doubt if she'll want to hear about the afternoon I spent on my vacation playing cards with a friend.  I won't be posting photos on Facebook of me holding a friend's new grandson.

Tomorrow, I'll be passing rice paddies and water buffalo as we drive from the airport to the school.  I'll be bartering in the open market.  I'll be settling in to my new apartment and catching up with friends.

I'll be back in my Myanmar home.  Not exciting but the perfect life for me right now.

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