Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Apartment!

Apartments at the school are assigned based on tenure and when you sign your contract.  I re-upped early so got to snag one of the primo corner apartments.  A teacher who'd been here for two years left so it was vacant.

School staff did an amazing job of moving all my stuff while I was gone.  I did a little rearranging and unpacked my bags and I was settled.  Still need to hang art work and do some other decorating stuff but basically I'm settled...just in time to get back to work tomorrow.  Here's my new apartment.  Exactly like my old place but with more windows.  Love the light!

View from my bed in my new studio apartment.  Love the windows.

The "bedroom".


Kitchen with a proper refrigerator.  For new teachers:  please note that you'll have a dorm size "mini" fridge.  And, most of the stuff you see (chairs, shelves, etc.) I bought.  The school provides a desk, straight back chair, trunk, twin bed.  I splurged on satellite tv, comfortable chairs and lamps.

View from the kitchen.  It's an overcast, windy day with dust blowing like crazy.

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