Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pig Chaser

Do you think adding “pig chaser” to my resume will be helpful in finding post-service employment? I can list it without lying because I helped chase down a renegade pig last night.

 I was standing in my doorway, chatting with one of my brothers. i’d just offered to give him one of the fa’apapa that I’d just purchased, hot from the umu, from one of my Year 7 students.

Fa’apapa is not only fun to say (there’s emphasis on the last two a’s) but it’s very tasty. I think it’s just made of flour and coconut cream which is made into a dough then wrapped in a breadfruit leaf and baked. Dense bread with a coconut flavor.

As I was going to get the fa’apapa, my brother said something I didn’t catch and ran behind my house. I put down the fa’apapa and ran after him to find out what was going on. Our pigs were gathered around the uma kuka because it was feeding time. They seemed to be watching with some interest as my brother tried to trap a small pig which had escaped from our neighbor’s yard.

As I was watching I realized that the pig had slipped by my brother and was heading toward me. I didn’t hesitate. Like any superhero, I leaped into action. Well, more like a hefty lumbering middle-aged woman, but I did give chase and blocked the pigs escape. The pig raced back toward my brother and he made an amazing flying leap – fully committed , body full extended, NFL-worthy, and grabbed the squealing pig.

He managed to get his arms around the pig and stand up. By then, the pig’s owner (and proud father of 1 week old baby boy David) had arrived and took the porcine hand off.

I pointed out to my brother that his leg was bleeding but he was unconcerned. “I’m used to it.” was his answer when I expressed admiration for his diving catch.

What do you think? Add pig chaser to the resume? Or just let it remain one of my hidden talents.

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