Friday, September 21, 2012

Rain. Please.

I’m not sure where I’ll be living after Samoa.  It depends on where I can find work.  I’m currently planning to focus my search on jobs in Seattle. 

I like Seattle.  Clean, green, friendly people and good food.  The Pike Street Market is wonderful.  And it rains there, a lot.

We’re coming to the end of the dry season in Samoa.  The tourists love it.  Hot and sunny.  Every stinking day.  I know that when the rains come I’ll be whining about moldy laundry that never dries, but I can’t wait.

Living in Samoa has made me very conscious of the weather.  My windows (the ones that have glass) are always open and my door is open all day, hoping to catch a breeze.  I realized the other night at dinner in Apia how much I’ve changed.

I was having dinner outdoors with three PC friends.  We’d finished eating and were just enjoying a coolish, windy evening and good conversation.  It started raining.  Not hard, just spitting.  None of us commented on it, nor made a move to get out of the rain.  Others in the restaurant were running for the indoor tables.  We just kept chatting.  We only moved inside because the wait staff came to clear the tablecloth and remaining dishes.

I woke up this morning to clouds and a nice breeze.  I was ecstatic.  I love cool, cloudy days.  Pouring rain gives me an excuse to stay home and read or work on the computer.  It makes me smile.

I hung my laundry out and the rain started.  Not heavy but still, it was rain.  Ten minutes later, the clouds were blown away and the sun is out.  Damn.  The upside is that my clothes will dry.  But now it’s just hotter and more humid.  Oh, well.  I don’t have the smell of rain to enjoy, but the pinto beans are smelling really good.

So, anybody know of any jobs in Seattle? 

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