Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quick Update

First, I apologize for lack of spacing/paragraphs. Technical issues continue and with dial up it just is too hard to correct. I found out the reason the men took their shirts off yesterday is that it is traditional for young, untitled men to wear nothing but ie lavalavas when carrying gifts to guests. But because it was Sunday, the men left on their singlets. Also, if they have the traditional full body tattoos they pull their lavalavas higher so the tattoos will show. Works for me. I was one of the first at school today. We started about 45 minutes late. We're easing into Daylight Savings Time. Only six days until the arrival of Group 84. I hope you're enjoy what may be a bittersweet time. It may be hard to say goodbye to those you love, to say nothing of hot showers. But such an adventure awaits. As I was busy copying and collating today, my best friend (also a teacher in my school) came to talk to me. To tell me she'd love me and miss me. We both got a bit teary. And I'm not leaving for another month and a half. I told her that I loved her and would miss her but during my last week in the village, I would just call her the devil (my nickname for her) and tell everyone that I wouldn't miss her at all. Otherwise, I'll be sobbing the whole last week. I got videotape of Prince Julius being himself. I hope I'll have time to post that and some other photos this weekend. BTW, Group 84 - we're all excited to meet you but have been asked not to come to the airport to greet you. That would cause us to miss school on Monday. Instead we'll be meeting you later in the week. Manuia le malaga - safe travels!

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