Monday, October 17, 2011


Samoa recently introduced new coins.  One is $2 and one is $1.  They are replacing the old, larger and heavier $1 coin and the $2 bill.  I’ve heard numerous opinions about the coins.  None of them positive.  The primary criticism is that the coins are too small.  The $1 coin is the same size as the current 10 cent coin.  The $2 coin is a tiny bit larger.

Change does not come quickly in Samoa.  When we have sports day, the relay races are exactly the same as the races their grandparents ran.  There is no need for hymnals in the churches because the songs have been sung for generations.  The food is the same as it has been for generations.  They ways of building houses is the same.

Not surprising, then, that the change in coins is not being immediately embraced.  Also not surprising that many don’t embrace the changes that PC brings.  I have to continually remind myself…small steps.  Even if I don’t see teachers changing their ways of teaching, I’m planting seeds.  They may grow later. 

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