Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My neighborhood

These are the beach fales just up the street where I hang out and go swimming.  Paradise, truly.  You can rent one for $85 tala a day.  That includes mattresses, mosquito net, electricity, and 3 meals.

That's my driveway on the left.  Walk back about 100 yards and you'd see my fale.  This is the main and largest road on the island.  Driving on I-4 is going to freak me out when I get home.

They've finished the sea wall.  It cost us a number of coconut trees but looks good now.  The red soil washing into the lagoon made a mess for the last couple of months but is all good now.

This is looking from the beach in front of my house toward the only resort in the village.  Siufaga Resort is very nice but taugata - expensive.  About $250 a night, USD.

This is what you get for $450 tala a night - no meals but very nice accommodations with air con and hot water.  This is not where I live, although for months everyone assumed I did, since I'm a palagi.

Nice pool at the resort with a swim up bar.  I can use it for $10 tala for the day, but I don't think it helps my efforts to be part of the village by paying to hang with the other palagis, so I haven't given in to the temptation yet.  I love the ocean but really miss my small private swimming pool at home. 

This is a palagi house, owned by my "uncle".  It is completely empty inside, except for mats on the floor.  And a TV.  My fale is behind it, along with the fales of the rest of my family. 

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