Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random photos

Too cool for school.  Or in this case, church.  He sat in front of me on White Sunday.

She was all dressed up to be baptized.  She cooed all the way through.

Getting the little ones ready for their grand entrance on White Sunday.  This is the view from my pew.  I watch the ocean during the sermon.

Junior and his little brother.  They go everywhere together.  Junior walks me home from school everyday to carry my bags.

I had to'ona'i on White Sunday with this family.  Most of them are my students.

How many kids can catch a ride home from school?  Saves them walking over a mile.

What is this????  They call it tipolo here.  They tell me it's a lemon.  Tastes like a lemon but a bit sweeter and sronger flavor.  Almost as big as a grapefruit.  Gives a lot of juice and makes wonderful vai tipolo or lemonade.

They were a gift from the family that had me over for dinner on White Sunday.

Looks like a grapefruit, but tastes like a lemon. Has a ton of juice.  What is it???

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