Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Some of the fried chicken we had for lunch today.

The families cook the food and bring it to the school.  The younger teachers package it for guests to take home and put the rest on trays for us to dine from.  This is the Year 2 classroom, by the way that we use as staff lounge/kitchen.

Meripa and Lefu are weaving the baskets that will hold the food given to the visiting teachers to take home with them.

Sorry - tilt your head.  This is a snack for one teacher - which was served an hour after breakfast and an hour before lunch.  Samoans are all about the food.

Lofi is my pal.  She's 2.  She used to be afraid of me but is now generous with hugs.  If you look carefully, you can see that's a small pig's hoof she's munching on.  Snack time in Samoa.

This 10 month old piglet was gutted then he was stuffed with red hot lava rocks, then wrapped in leaves and cooked in the umu, which is more hot stones.  Takes about an hour to roast a piglet this way.  Since I feed the pigs in my family every night, I was glad this wasn't one of mine.  The fat content is very high because they eat primarily coconut, which is full of fattening oil.  I know because I eat a lot of coconut!

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