Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I’ve noticed that people here aren’t so picky about men’s vs. women’s clothes.  It’s very common to see a boy wearing a girl’s t-shirt.  Or shoes.  Backpacks are unisex.  I’ve seen a big Year 8 boy proudly carrying a pink Cinderella school bag. 

Saturday I was on the bus and a group of young men got on.  I’m guessing they were a rugby team.  Fit, muscular, sharing some male camaraderie.  Two were wearing what were clearly women’s tops.  One was a pink t-shirt with rhinestones and cap sleeves.  It was a belly shirt, exposing some serious abs.    One of the other guys was wearing a long sleeve top.  The kind with bell sleeves that cover all but a girl’s fingertips.  He wore it well.

I’ve seen men wear their wives’ puletasi skirts.  Really they’re the same as the men’s “skirts”.  They’re a piece of cloth with ties.  Usually the men wear them in dark colors with no prints and womens’ tend to be floral and brightly colored.  But same concept.

Imagine not having to worry about what you wear.  So what if the colors don’t match.  Who cares?  Was it made with females in mind and you’re a guy?  Don’t let that stop you.  As long as it’s relatively clean and comes close to fitting, it works.  It saves time, money and stress.  I much prefer the approach to fashion here than the much more restrictive rules at home. 

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