Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Call Tyra Banks. I'm Fierce

I confess.  I used to watch America’s Next Top Idol.  I really couldn’t quite understand it when Tyra kept exhorting the models to look fierce.  For heaven’s sakes, they’re standing there in their undies.  Hard to look fierce in a thong.  Hot maybe, but not fierce.

Fierce was one of our vocabulary words this week.  The week was dedicated to adjectives.  I’m tired of hearing “He is tall.  He is handsome.”  So I introduced some new words.

Frequently, there is no direct translation between Samoan and English.  Or at least one with which I’m familiar.  I demonstrated “fierce” by first demonstrating the antonym…sweet.  I smiled at one of the children and asked if I looked fierce.  “No, you look nice and happy.”

Then I gave them the look of death that I use when they are misbehaving.  I directed it toward a boy who wasn’t paying attention.  I asked if I looked fierce.  The rest of the class acknowledged that I did.  When the kid finally looked up and saw the face of death glaring at him, he nodded and said “Yes, that is fierce.”

I believe if Tyra knew how well I have mastered the fierce look, she would want me for the 197th version of Next Top Model.

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