Friday, July 13, 2012

New Mailing Address

I’m not sure why, but new, small Post Offices have been popping up in villages all over Savaii.  It certainly will make it easier for me to check for mail in Tuisivi (just over a mile from my fale) compared to Salelologa (an hour bus ride from my fale).

It does seem expensive, though.  Each one is a new building, either standalone, or more commonly, adjoining an existing building.  Plus, each one has to have at least one full time staff person.  That’s good for the locals, given that unemployment is astronomically high.

My only disappointments in the change is that I’ll miss the very polite and friendly post mistress in Salelologa and I’ll miss the excuse of hanging out in the air conditioning there.  There are very few air conditioned public places.

Please make a note of my new address.  Email and phone remain the same.  Please note that packages usually take two months to get here from the U.S.  Since I’ll be leaving in four months, I suggest just sending me your love in an email.  Cheaper for you and I’ll be just as happy.

And, yes, this was another excuse to put off cleaning the spiders out of the house.

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