Friday, July 13, 2012

Thanks, Ros and Doug!

Written Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I was shopping at the Tuisivi store after school today, when one of the nice women who works there asked if I’d been to the Post Office across the street to pick up my mail.  The Post Office opened recently and I hadn’t been in.  Mostly because my mail is addressed to the main P.O. in Salelologa.  And because a nice young man delivered my last package to me personally at school.

I’m not sure how she knew there was mail waiting for me.  I assume the postman asked her if she knew me.  It’s a small island and business is very casual here.  And since there are no street addresses, it makes sense to just ask around.

In any case, I introduced myself to the man in charge of the mail in Tuisivi and he gave me a large, padded envelope.  It seems the envelope had quite the travel experience since it was originally sent from Australia, and then accidentally visited American Samoa, then Upolu, then Salelologa, then Tuisivi.

I met Ros and Doug when they were visiting Savaii recently.  They visited the school and I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful packet of goodies they sent.  I know the kids will be excited too, with the workbooks, flashcards, stickers, etc.  All of the stuff is wonderful and will get lots of use for years to come.  Ros, the book you picked up at airport in Fiji is outstanding!  We’ll be able to use it with kids from several grades to help improve their maths skills.

I really enjoy it when visitors from overseas stop by the school.  The kids are always thrilled to meet a new palagi and love to sing and dance and show off their Samoan heritage.  They also love having their photos taken, practicing their English and getting attention.

As the resident palagi, I always get to show visitors around.  If you’ll be in Savaii before I leave in November, I hope you’ll stop by – for a few minutes or a few hours, your choice.  While it’s great to receive gifts from visitors that’s certainly not expected or required.  Your genuine interest is a gift in itself.

Thanks, Ros and Doug for taking time from your vacation to spend some time with the kids.  And thank you so much for your generous gifts.  I guarantee they will be put to good use.

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