Friday, July 13, 2012

Sex. Chicken and Otherwise

It started again yesterday.  The comments about finding a Samoan man for me to marry so I won’t leave.  A couple of names were tossed out for my consideration.  I think they’re joking.  I hope they’re joking.

I have the opportunity to witness a lot of sex here, in the animal kingdom.  Mostly chickens, although dogs run a close second.  Chicken sex is fast.  At least the act itself is.  The prelude takes much longer because that involves the rooster chasing the hen all over the yard so he can have his way with her.

While she squawks and puts up quite a fuss prior, the act itself seems to be a non-event and afterwards she just shakes smooth her ruffled feathers and walks off as if nothing ever happened.

You may wonder why I bother to write about chicken sex.  Have you ever seen it?  It’s new to me.  Just like lizard sex was new to me before I moved to Florida.  There, they did it next to my pool all day, every day.  Just like squirrel sex was new to me before I moved to Michigan.  I was amazed when I saw a pair doing it on the side of a tree, upside down.  That would take some serious concentration.

Can you tell I'm getting desperate for things to write about as I try to put off the deep cleaning my house needs?  Delving into cupboards and under suitcases where spiders and other creatures live is not my idea of fun.  I think I need to take a walk first...

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