Saturday, July 7, 2012


Like many people, I believe that I could be a writer.  I just know that somewhere, deep down inside of me, is a book, waiting to burst free.  I could be the next David Sidaris, although goy and female.  Or a non-fiction version of Janet Evanovich.  Actually, I dream of becoming a writer so I can meet David and we can share humorous stories about our families.  Then, maybe he’d introduce me to Ira Glass, host of This American Life and my not-so-secret crush.

I’ve actually talked to a publisher about a book.  I was trying to sell the fact that I’ve done a variety of stuff that many women dream of.  No, not killing my husband.  I’m talking about the luxury cruise around the world I took when I turned 50.  Being self-employed and getting paid to travel around North and South America for almost 20 years.  And spending two years on an island in the South Pacific as a way to celebrate turning 60 (and 61 and 62.)

The best way to convince a publisher that they should invest in me is to show that I already have a following.  People willing to take their time to read my blog.  That I have a blog that people not only read, but that they are interested enough to comment on.

I know, I know.  So many blogs, so little time for reading.  And frankly, I have tended to write not as a professional, focused on my audience, but as a small-minded (but big-butted) woman focused on her own feelings and thoughts of the moment.

I promise I’ll try to clean up the writing if you’ll help me get some new readers.  Think Julie and Julia – from a blog she got a book deal.  Then a movie deal.  Think of how exciting it would be for us to go to the premier together (and trust me, I’d be happy to take my first 41 followers) to watch Glenn Close play me in the movie.

You can help by sending my blog link to everyone you know.  Put it on billboards, if you like, although if you want to do that, I should give it a snappier name.  I kind of like but that might send the wrong message.

Ok, it’s a hot, boring Sunday in Samoa so I’m daydreaming.  But do you believe dreams can come true?  Tell me what you like about my blog.  Or what you don’t.  Would you read a book if I wrote one?  More importantly, would you tell a friend to read my blog now?

Fa’amolemole (please) do.  And if you happen to know Ira Glass or David Sidaris, be sure to give them my number.


  1. Nancy: I would happily read your book; and not just because you're our cousin! lol We have enjoyed your blog while you've been away and feel we know you better because of it. If we knew anyone "important" we would introduce you, but alas, we're just the distant relatives. But, keep up the writing, and maybe something exciting will happen. You never know. Mark & Terre

  2. I had mentioned before I had intended to stop reading Samoa blogs after Mat Leal returned to the states, but I got started on yours and became addicted. I think any book you would write would be fabulous. Would just take your own life and spice it up a bit (like Chuck Barris from the Gong show did with his quasi autobiography)? He claimed he was a hit man, and interspersed it with events of his real life. I bet you could come up with something even more provocative, since your real life is pretty darn entertaining as it is!

  3. reading all these blogs from samoa keeps me grounded to the culture although i've not lived there; experiencing alot of what you and other PC volunteers have gone through I am able to appreciate the good and bad while learning a great deal! what has been most entertaining though is your writing style as you give storylines great detail that I can imagine myself going through those same exact experiences are a great writer and I would greatly buy any book you wrote and get others to support you ...if you wrote a novel or any book like you have your blog, it would be a great read .....malo lava nancy!! keep it going your blog and will miss it once you leave ...or maybe i can follow your next adventure in the new country you may move on to ....God Bless~ Bert "Paki" McNaughton