Friday, July 27, 2012

More recent photos

My buddy Lefu, the Year 3 teacher at my school with her beautiful baby girl.

My favorite bus driver.  We have an on-going joke about him marrying me, although he has a wife and several children and is 30 years younger.  I have no idea why he was wearing this mask, other than to get laughs.  I also don't know how he kept it on because there was no rubber band to go around his head.

One of the fales near me was stripped down and rebuilt.  I'd gone there to wait in the shade for the bus. 

Three of my students from last year.  We were on our way to church.  The sign overhead was to welcome people to the village and the 7th Day Adventist meeting.

Spider in my bathroom.  This is the kind I take showers with.  They are harmless but large and disconcerting when only a few inches away.

Samoan flags have been everywhere since the 50th Independence Day celebration.  This is inside one of my buses.

My church.  The car is a rental belonging to a couple of tourists who came to church that day.

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