Saturday, July 14, 2012

International Experience

I recently applied for a job that would begin after I complete service in Samoa.  I’m concerned that they will think that I don’t have enough international experience.  I think tonight’s dinner says otherwise.

It’s cool and damp so I’m going with comfort food. A tuna noodle casserole.  I don’t have an oven, so I’m cooking it ever so slowly on my hotplate.  How international are the ingredients?

Pasta – made in Mexico, distributed by the United States.  For $2.40 USD.  How can that happen?

Mushroom soup – thank you Campbell’s of New Jersey.

Tuna – courtesy of a company in Fiji.  $1.40 USD a can.  Seems cheap to me given that someone had to catch it, clean it, can it and ship it.

Cheese – from the happy cows in New Zealand.

Pot to cook it in?  Made in China.  Canned tomatoes that I’m serving on the side?  Micronesia.

I bought everything in Samoa.   That means my dinner involves food and products from six countries delivered to a seventh country.   If that’s not international, I don’t know what is. 

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  1. It’s never too early to think about the Third Goal. Check out Peace Corps Experience: Write & Publish Your Memoir. Oh! If you want a good laugh about what PC service was like in a Spanish-speaking country back in the 1970’s, read South of the Frontera: A Peace Corps Memoir.