Friday, October 26, 2012

Group 84 Photos

This is The house in front is where one of Group 84 will be living.  It is tiny but right on the water and has an indoor shower/toilet and tiny kitchen.  Their boss' house is the pink one just behind it.  I took this photo from the bus as we passed.The second photo is of Millie, the eldest of Group 84 and the other women in the group when we enjoyed Women's Night together.
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The women in this group are never at a loss for words.  Here are Lu and Alisa.    , enjoying conversation and niu (young coconut)The house, btw, belongs to a PC staffer, NOT a volunteer

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Two more of the ladies of Group 84 - Kiri, on the left and Angelina on the right.They enjoyed dressing as palagis at women's night - no spaghetti straps in the village.Below is the inside of the faleo'o where I slept for the two weeks in the training village.  The trainees faleo'os are similar but about 1/2 the size.  Mine is all indoors, with no "porch".  Theirs have a tiny bedroom and an open porch for hanging out and catching a sea breeze.

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