Saturday, October 13, 2012

Random Stuff

I bought groceries yesterday because I knew restaurants would be closed today for White Sunday. One of my purchases was a bag of octopus flavored chips. I couldn't resist. Last night when I got into bed, I pulled up the sheet. It came up only as far as my waist. The nice lady who serviced my room had put the sheet on horizontally rather than vertically. Four of my Group left yesterday for Savaii. But they were here this morning when I got up. The van they'd arranged to the wharf didn't show up. They flagged another van but after they drove ten minutes the driver stopped and said they had to wait. Seems it wasn't actually his van and he had to wait for his wife to bring his van to exchange for the van he was driving. The delay caused them to miss the last boat. Very excited about going to the training village tomorrow but will miss the luxuries of hot water and air con that I've been enjoying in Apia.

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