Sunday, October 14, 2012


I'm heading to the training village today. Since it's a holiday (White Sunday Monday) we aren't leaving until 3:00 p.m. I'm using my time on the internet to post some photos. I hope you enjoy them.
We were sitting on the bus, waiting for it to take us to Salelologa.  We passed the time by taking photos.  She's a beauty.
Sunrise in front of my house.  This is the view as I walk to work. Not a bad commute, eh?
I always get to school early and these boys are usually already there.  The beautiful sunrise is behind us.
The boy on the left is Pula'a.  He's in Year 8.  He's always the first to arrive at school, to unlock the classroom and begin cleaning.  He's a smart, funny and amazing boy.  When I first arrived I occasionally called him pua'a instead of Pula'a.  Pua'a means pig.  He never held it against me.

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