Friday, October 26, 2012

More Group 84 Training Photos

FYI - I'm still having technical issues with Blogspot.  Anyway - it's not all touch for the new PC Samoa trainees.  This was the Friday night Fiafia (party) that my group hosted for them before the left for the village the following morning.  What's more fun than a fire dancer by the pool?

Before fire dancing we had a potluck dinner and a show, performed by Group 83.  I danced.  Badly, but I danced.

Let the show begin!  What a lovely smile - matches her sweet temperament.  She hasn't let the heat, humidity, bugs or language training get to her yet.  This was taken at fiafia night.

"Oh, no you didn't!"  This is in class at the training fale in the village.

No, she isn't paying me to publish her photos. 

Ali seems to be the language star so far.  I'd say her language is on a par with mine.  I've been here two years.  She's been here three weeks.  Youth sucks.

Chatting over lunch in the training fale.He's wearing a t-shirt and lavalava which is everyday wear.

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