Sunday, October 14, 2012


Ok, now I can't make paragraphs or get the "add caption" to work.  Anyway, the first photo is me and the three boys we've been fundraising for.  The plan is for them to come to Michigan with their former teacher and RPCV Kyle.  This was taken in downtown Apia. Saturday morning.  The kids, their families, Kyle and I were selling vaisalo and koko arisa (types of soups) and niu as well as raffle tickets.  It was fun, hot and exhausting.
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In the second photo I'm with Ed Mulitalo, a former NFL player (Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens) who now lives in Apia.  I'm almost six feet tall, btw.  And speaking of coincidences, Ed was born in Daly City CA where I used to work.  He played at the University of Arizona, which is in my home town.  and he played for the Detroit Lions.  I lived in Detroit for 13 years.  I met Ed at a trvia night fundraiser last week and he won the raffle.

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