Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy, Busy

What a week this is turning out to be.  Today my extended family, who live on both sides of me are busy preparing for a funeral tomorrow morning.  An elderly man who lived next door died.  He was unusual since he never married or had children.  I've also been told he didn't have siblings but I'm not sure if that's true.

I'll take flowers to the family tomorrow morning when the body is delivered to the home and pay my respects.  Then I'll head for school.  After school, the PC Country Director is coming by for a couple of hours.  It's part of his tour to visit all the volunteers on the island.

Wednesday afternoon I'll be hanging with another PCV from the other island.  She's here for meetings with two schools and we're planning dinner after we finish our school stuff.

A former Samoa volunteer just arrived in country today with her father.  I'm looking forward to meeting them both.  Since I hear he's a regular reader of the blog - here's a shout out to Ed! 

I got a call today from the owner of a resort on the other island.  She heard that I'd designed customer service training for resort staff in Samoa and asked if I could help out.  I have to confirm time off school with PC and my principal but have tentative plans to do the training there starting Sunday and doing it again for more staff on Monday and Tuesday.  Should be an interesting experience.  Plus, they generously offered to put me up at the resort and cover my food/travel expenses.  It will be work but also should be a nice change of scene.

We were told that our second year of service would fly by and if this week is any indication, I'll be so busy that if I blink I'll be on a flight to Florida.  Time is flying!

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