Friday, March 23, 2012

No More Mirrors

I have two small hand mirrors.  I keep them in my bathroom.  They are usually very dirty and smudged and the light in my bathroom is bad, so I can’t really see myself.  That bothered me at first.  Now, I’m not only used to it, but I’m starting to like it.

Without mirrors, I can think I look fabulous.  I feel good, so I must look good, right?  I don’t wear any makeup except lipstick and that saves a lot of time.  I don’t have a long mirror so can’t check myself out to see if an outfit makes me look fat (it always does) so I don’t bother changing to try to find something more flattering.  That saves more time. 

Plus, I never walk out of the house thinking how disappointing my reflection was.  Instead, I walk out thinking I look fabulous.  

 It was a shock when I was in New Zealand.  Every hotel room had a lot of mirrors.  Why do we need that many?  Why do we need them at all?   We can’t break all the mirrors because that would bring so much bad luck, but we could just send them all to Paris Hilton.   I think she’d appreciate that.  And we’d save a lot of time and angst.

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