Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The highlight of my day yesterday came when working with a Year 3 student.  He’s considered “At risk” here.  I considered him left behind.  Whatever his issues, he can only write his name.  He doesn’t know the alphabet.  He’s a sweet boy.

While the other kids were working on an exercise to alphabetize short lists of words, I worked with the boy on how to draw horizontal and vertical lines and make letters that use those. Like L and T.  He completed a page of drawing vertical lines.  I marked it 100%....Excellent.  He beamed.  Then he tackled horizontal lines.  Another 100%, Excellent.  Then on to writing the letters.  More praise.  He wanted to keep writing to keep getting praised.  His smile and hug were highlights for me.

Best part of today was when school was excused.  The Year 4 teacher had held her kids over for a few minutes.  I was walking across the playground when two Year 4 boys raced past me.  Playing tag with each other.  I was trudging in the hot, humid air. They were flying.  What a wonderful reminder of the joy of being able to move, to be free.  They were so happy for the end of the school day.  Running and enjoying each other’s company. 

I know that I’m here to represent the United States.  But I was born and raised on the Mexican border.  After school I made guacamole and gave it to my family along with a bag of chips.  Not exactly corn chips but close and the guacamole was authentic.  They ate it all.  They seemed to like it.  Viva comida Mexicana!

I did an exercise with my Year 7 kids today that involves them running outside to read sentences which they have to remember as they come back into the room and repeat to their partner, who has to write it down.

There was a teachers’ meeting going on but I figured the noise wasn’t that bad.  Then I saw my big boss coming toward me.  She just wanted to know what we were doing.  What was the name of the activity?  The teachers are learning to do more interactive activities and had asked about what I was doing.  Not a complaint, just curiosity.  Success! 

I forgot my watch today so took one class on a field trip to my house to get it.  As we walked, I asked them questions.  “What do you see?”  “I see dogs!”  “I see three pigs!”  The kids got into it.  It was a change of pace and who doesn’t like that.  Plus, they were challenged to talk about what they saw. 

I introduced the kids to “my” dogs.  I call them mine because one in particular is very fond of me, but they actually belong to my family.  I don’t let them in my house (sand and fleas) and I don’t buy palagi dog food for them.  But when we have food at school, I bring all the scraps to them.

My favorite likes to crawl under my skirt.  He stands there, covered up, with just his nose sticking out between my knees.  It makes it very hard to walk.  He did it while the kids were watching and they thought it was extremely funny. 

After school I went to the post office.  Thanks, M. for the letter!  I also stopped at the stand next door to pick up some chicken for dinner. I realized my bus was going past, which meant it would likely be another hour before I could get another one.  I commented to one of the employees “There goes my bus.” 

A few minutes later I realized he’d mouthed something to the driver, who was patiently waiting for me.  Along with a bus full of passengers.  I waved for him to go on but he wouldn’t.  He waited the few minutes it took to wrap my chicken.  I ran across the street to the bus and was very embarrassed.  People didn’t seem to mind.  It’s just what happens on the bus.  I was very happy to not have to wait another hour, but still hate to make everyone else wait.

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