Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Random Stuff

Was thinking as I did my laundry yesterday morning that it’s become quite routine.  Takes me about 10 minutes to rinse out clothes that have been soaking overnight.  Another 5 minutes or so to hang them out.  Shouldn’t have been feeling quite so cocky since when I got home yesterday I discovered a bird had pooped on some of them.

Took the trash out yesterday which involves strolling about 50 yards behind my house and tossing it into the large pile of junk.  Styrofoam, tin cans, bottles, etc. are going to be there awhile.  I feel guilty every time I do it.

On my way, a pig started following me.  If they think I have food, they’ll get close enough to touch.  The family has assured me they won’t hurt me but they’re huge and have rather large teeth to say nothing of sharp hooves.  I wanted this one to follow me so she could get at my garbage.  I was calling sau (come) sow.  That’s pronounced sow sow.  I do find myself amusing.

Principals’ meeting today so I had Year 8.  Plus Year 7 and Year 5.  It was going fairly well until Year 5.  They’re on the first floor.  Year 8 is on the second floor.  I did a lot of running up and down the stairs between classes.  I’m pooped.

I didn’t sweat much today.  Yeah, it’s true, fat girls sweat.  In Samoa so do skinny girls.  Today, though, was cloudy with intermittent rain.  Much cooler than usual.  I love coolish, cloudy days.  I feel for those of you in winter climates with lots of cold and little sun.  I lived in Michigan for 13 years and I empathize.  But I’m kinda tired of tropical sun and sweat every day.  Days like this are a pleasant change.

Caused a stir at school today.  Got permission to take the less advanced Year 8 kids and add them to the less advanced Year 7 kids so they’re all pretty much at the same level.  I can do lessons tailored to them instead of them just sitting there bored out of their minds while the stronger students move on.  At first they were unhappy.  What, us?  Year 8 mingling with the lowly Year 7s?  But they got into it.  They got to be the smart kids in the class for a change.

Teachers gave me the 411 on new uniforms today.  Do you think they were kidding when they told me that Friday I’m just supposed to wear panties and a bra?

My little brother Richard was watching the school from his house today.  Every time he saw me running from one room to another he started waving and yelling my name.  You have to make your own entertainment when you have no tv.

Speaking of making your own entertainment, most of the kids here don’t have many toys.  Too expensive and the ones you can buy here are cheap junk that breaks quickly.

While on the phone yesterday I saw a boy driving his “car” along the road.  His was very advanced.  Usually, it’s just a long stick, with a horizontal stick at the bottom.  They push them around and make car noises.  They have races and chase each other around with them.  Some have wheels on the bottom instead of another piece of wood.

The one yesterday was the deluxe version that had a large wheel on the ground, with a stick attached to that.  Attached to the stick was a piece of wood with a small can (tuna, I’m assuming) attached.  He had a burning coconut shell in the can.  It makes smoke which is the car’s exhaust.  I’ll try to get a photo.  Pretty clever and I’ve seen boys play “cars” for hours.

The open sore on my leg seems to be getting worse.  Anybody want to see a photo?  Nothing like an oozing open sore to help keep you on your diet.  PC nurse is out of the country but back tomorrow.  Once I get permission to go to the hospital I’m betting they put me on antibiotics again.  Last round was in January.  At home I took antibiotics about every 10 years.

I take a shower every day.  I feel for the volunteers in really cold climates who get maybe a shower a week (or less).  My current record is five showers in one day.  It’s the whole sun/sweating thing.  I shook my head the other day and my hair was so soaked with sweat I got drops on my glasses.  And people here still like to run their fingers through my hair.  Eeeuuuuwww.

Got hugged by all the Year 2 kids today.  Better than George Clooney.  Almost.  At least I assume that George wouldn’t be passing on a skin infection to me.

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